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2010-05-01 04:15:23 by Megaphone91

Aye well its been a while since my latest post but i've been working on films lately for school and i know this is a flash site but a lil Live Action never killed. here are two videos i pulled off during school and they are pretty cool so if you wanna watch by all means help yourself.

Also im still up for doing any photoshop work you can contact me for anything if i can help be more then happy to.

if you need a portfolio or preview please check out my gallery at http://megaphoneproductions.deviantart .com/

Until Next Time....

The Lone V.C

The History of Our Lady Mount Carmel


2008-11-08 00:42:55 by Megaphone91

If anyone wants a image done for them on photoshop ill be more than happy to make one if ur a gamer tell ur favorite char. if u like anything else let me know.

Rules of this agreement:
1. Give it about a week to get done.
2. Give me ur email address so i can send it to u.
3. if u dont like it or you feel there should be changes plz notify me and i will fix it within a week.
4. I dont charge its all free no strings attached and all info recieved or delivered is confidential
5. give me your name or nickname so that it can be added to the image.
6. Follow rules 1-5 and enjoy Newgrounds
My work for a Sample

Link: A Hero, A Legend

2008-08-18 17:40:56 by Megaphone91

A Hero In His Time A Legend in Ours

Link: A Hero, A Legend

Link Hero Or Demon

2008-08-18 17:34:17 by Megaphone91

Well U Choose

Link Hero Or Demon


2008-08-07 21:59:33 by Megaphone91

Audi famam illius.
I have heard of his rumor.

Solus in hostes ruit
He alone rushed into his enemies

et patriam servavit.
and saved his homeland.

Audi famam illius.
I have heard of his rumor.

Cucurrit quaeque tetigit destruens.
He ran across the lands and everything he touched was destroyed.

Audi famam illius.
I have heard of his rumor.

Audi famam illius.
I have heard of his rumor.

Spes omnibus,mihi quoque.
He gave everyone hope, as he gave me.

Terror omnibus,mihi quoque.
He gave everyone fear, as he gave me.

He is now

iuxta me.
next to me.

Ille iuxta me.
He is now next to me.

Socii sunt mihi.
My allies are with me.

qui olim viri fortes
My allies, who were once heroes

rivalesque erant.
and old enemies, are here.

Saeve certando pugnandoque
As they fiercely competed and battled

sprendor crescit.
their splendor grew.